Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Political science Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Political science - Term Paper Example Already, the resources of this earth are dwindling and climate change is a reality that is descending upon us. However, I would like to expand the author’s statement of risks and say that the problem is not only environmental – it is also about poverty and exploitation. The whole range of social problems should be addressed as well, to ensure that globalization can lead to truly humane outcomes. I would like to focus on the assumption in the second essay stating that and I quote, â€Å"the most beneficial aspect of a globalized world economy is the reluctance to wage war among participating nations†. On the contrary, there is still the likelihood and potentiality for war, as in cases wherein a state wants to obtain the resources of another because it is beneficial to its economy: for example, waging war against Iraq for oil. Also, even assuming that world wars are prevented, civil wars and domestic insurgencies still present a threat. Because globalization worsens poverty in developing regions and poverty breeds insurgency and unrest, violence is still not abated. Indeed, it might be more invisible – but nevertheless real – forms of violence. I disagree with the third essay and the logic it advances that globalization is a medium and facilitator of global warming, terrorism, and the like, and because it is so, it is the infrastructure with which solutions and strategies to combat this can be implemented. This paints a picture of globalization as a field of equal players, were asymmetries in relationships are unheard of. In truth, globalization is about powerful players and weak players, where powerful players extract concessions from the weak players, to the detriment of the latter. Moreover, it is interesting that the author compared the US and Germany – both wealthy countries. Comparative advantage should be studied against the template of a rich country-poor country

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